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Meet Brendan Landry

Brendan Landry

Health Management and Policy

            A junior in Health Management and Policy, Brendan Landry found himself immersed in the program after starting his freshman year at UNH as a Neuroscience major. He had an interest in the medical field due to multiple knee surgeries he had to endure, but realized that Neuroscience wasn’t where he wanted to be. Landry knew he was interested in health care but didn’t want to be on the clinical side of it. So he dropped his Neuroscience major and became undeclared with a business minor. Business interested him, but he still wanted to find his way back into health care. After finding the department of Health Management and Policy online, Landry talked with Professor Rosemary Caron, the department chair, and decided to switch into the program. This seemed to be the best fit, and now Landry is more than happy to have made the decision.

            Professor Caron’s epidemiology class also had a role in Landry’s journey to a major in Health Management and Policy. Epidemiology is a class that explores infectious diseases, and takes on a different view of health care, which intrigued him. He talked to Professor Caron about how he could work in the field of health management and policy now, as a student. As a result he began an internship at the Institute for Health Policy and Practice within the College of Health and Human Services, where he does an array of different jobs including editing papers and website content, and updating resource guides, all while immersing himself in the world of health policy. That’s not the only work he’s been doing, though. Landry finds himself once again back in the epidemiology class with Professor Caron, not as a student, but as her teaching assistant. He laughs, “It’s funny because I’m back where it kind of all started.”

            Landry goes on to say how tight-knit the health management and policy students are. All the students and faculty know one another, and work together in many different ways. The instructors are always there to help, and working with other students and learning about their internships gives insight to what is happening in other areas of the field. He reflects on what’s most challenging about taking the path to being in health management and policy as a career. “The most challenging is narrowing down what you want to do,” says Landry. “There are so many paths that can be taken, but everyone who pursues health management and policy wants to make a difference, save a life, do something on a wider scale in health care.” There are so many different avenues to take in the health management and policy world, and so many different ways to help. Health care means much more than saving lives inside a hospital emergency room; it’s helping people on a much wider scale. Landry wants to help expand the focus of health care from just treating the sick to promoting population health, which means encouraging things like healthy eating and exercise, which  ultimately help prevent health problems from occurring.

            Landry has set goals for the future to move west, where he will be found skiing and kayaking along with working in a hospital setting, and perhaps eventually working for a health care consulting firm. “I want to start from the bottom and eventually work my way up, but wherever I am, I’ll be happy knowing that I’m working to make a difference.”

- Rachael Brennan, ‘17

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