Speech-Language-Hearing Center

The University of New Hampshire Speech-Language-Hearing Center is the premier diagnostic and treatment center in New Hampshire and the Seacoast community, providing services to both children and adults with speech-language-hearing disorders and differences. With more than 40 years of serving the special communication therapy needs of the individuals in the University and surrounding community, the Speech-Language-Hearing Center offers a full range of speech-language diagnostic evaluation and speech-language and cognitive communication therapy services.

Through its integration with the UNH Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program, the Speech-Language-Hearing Center offers state-of-the-art best practices intervention provided by graduate student clinicians and guided by a collaborative team approach with experienced faculty. Students in the Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program benefit educationally from the Center and are supervised by clinical faculty who are state-licensed and nationally certified speech language pathologists and audiologists.

The Center, located in Hewitt Hall on the Durham campus, includes individual treatment rooms equipped with digital recording equipment and adjacent observation facilities allowing clinical supervisors, family members and students to observe sessions via a one-way mirror. Parking is conveniently available in reserved spaces just outside the building.

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