Women's Leadership Program

Program Overview: The Women's Leadership Program, offered by the College of Health and Human Services, focuses on helping women see themselves as leaders by building confidence as well as professionalism. This program is open to all CHHS students, with a focus toward women. It is flexible and credit-bearing, offering three 2-credit courses aimed at providing students with the knowledge, experience, skills and mentorship to become transformational leaders in their local and global communities.
The Women's Leadership Program aims to combat the gender gap in the health and human services sector, which is one of the fastest growing occupational groups. With 82% of CHHS students being women, the program helps women build in-demand skills and engage in experiential learning to further their professional success.

Program vision: In collaboration with students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners, the College of Health and Human Services will develop women leaders across the healthcare and human services landscape, creating a more gender equitable future.

Program mission: To equip and empower our health and human services students with the knowledge, experience, skills, and mentorship to become transformational leaders in their local and global communities.

The program focuses on four components: Learning, Engagement, Advocacy, and Development (LEAD). Students will learn about current obstacles facing women in the workforce, the importance of gender equity across the health and human services landscape, and the essential competencies and experiences that will prepare them to lead in the field. They will engage with their peers, faculty, staff and mentors to build important networking skills, grow as professionals, and maintain meaningful relationships across the field of health and human services. Participants will advocate for individuals and communities to advance important issues and influence positive change, and will develop essential skills and competencies to become transformational leaders.

Course Information: Three, 2-credit courses are offered: an introductory, a mentoring, and an advocacy/service course.

  • HHS 598 (M01): Special Topic/Intro to Women’s Leadership in HHS

  • HHS 697 (M01): Special Topic/Enhancing Leadership Development through Mentoring

  • HHS 798 (M01): Special Topic/Leading through Advocacy and Service

For more information, contact Lauren Haley, Director of Career and Professional Success, CHHS at lauren.haley@unh.edu

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Industry Leaders:

Please partner with us! Through guest presenting in class or one-on-one mentoring, your participation will help elevate the next generation of female leaders to create a more gender equitable future.


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