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First Annual CHHS Research Conference

On February 7 and 21, 2014 the College of Health and Human Services held its First Annual Research Conference.            

Pictures from 2/7 Conference Day

Sixty-six faculty and staff attended the event on February 7 which was kicked off with Dean Mike Ferrara welcoming everyone and laying out his research vision for the college.  Next, Norma Terrin, PhD and Jessica Paulus, ScD of the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute spoke about the research analysis services they provide and this was followed by an informative question and answer session.  Representatives from the college’s three Research Affinity Groups (Aging, Youth Development in Non-Formal Settings and Health Disparities) spoke about their activities over the past year and their future plans.  Graduates from the UNH Research Engagement Academy did a lessons-learned session giving testimonials about their experiences attending the academy.  The day ended with a networking session.

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Day two on February 21st was a poster session.  Attendees were allowed to bring a research poster, a series of research abstracts, a PowerPoint presentation, a research profile or any combination thereof to post on a display board.   Approximately 75 faculty and staff attended this session with 40+ presenting their research.  Jan Nisbet of the UNH Research Office spoke to the group about the research resources at UNH.  The attendees then split into groups to view and present their research to each other.  Many great connections were made creating the potential for future collaborations among the faculty and staff. 

The college plans to hold the conference on an annual basis.



A sampling of the research presentation titles are listed below:

Peter Antal, Research Associate, Institute on Disability:

"Evolving Research on NH's Mental Health System"

Steve Bornstein, Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders:

"Changes in Beliefs Based Upon Societal, Religious, and Political Influences: An Example from the History of People with Hearing Loss"

Joyce Cappiello, Assistant Professor, Nursing:

"The decision to view or not view the ultrasound image during a medication abortion"     

Summer Cook, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

"Neuromuscular adaptations to low-load blood flow restricted exercise"

Amy Costello, Project Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice

“Use of All Payer Claims Database (APCD) Data to Fully Inform Public Health”

Patti Craig, Assistant Professor, Recreation Management and Policy:

Promoting Access, Transition, and Health (PATH)

Abstract #1: "The PATH-way Home: Promoting Access, Transition, and Health for Veterans with Disabilities"

Abstract #2: "Promoting Access, Transition, and Health: A Community-based Approach to Managing Chronic Health Conditions"

Abstract #3 (work in progress): "Effects of an In-Home Health Promotion Intervention in the Transition of Care for Persons Who Have Experienced Stroke"

Kate Crary, Program Manager, Center on Aging and Community Living; Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"Person Centered Practices and the MDS 3.0 Section Q Referral Process"

Ron Croce, Professor, Kinesiology

A Research Profile

Laura Davie, Project Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"Community-Hospital Partnership to Facilitate Improvements in Care Transitions"

Laura Davie, Co-Director, Center on Aging and Community Living:

"Aging Research Affinity Group Overview"

Laura Davie, Co-Director, Center on Aging and Community Living:

"New Hampshire's Long Term Services and Supports System: Recommendations for Meeting Needs of an Aging Population"

Pam DiNapoli, Associate Professor, Nursing:

"Fidelity Evaluation of a Home Visiting Program"

Charles Drum, Director, Institute on Disability:

"IOD Health-Related Initiatives Report Card"

Mike Ferrara, Dean, College of Health and Human Services:

"Exertional Heat Illness During Three Interscholastic Football Seasons in Georgia"

Mike Gass, Professor, Kinesiology:

"Outdoor behavioral healthcare: Does it work? Is it safe? Is it worth the money? What does an effective program look like?"

Stacey Gabriel, Research Associate, Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"National Prevention Strategy: From Policy to Practice with Healthy UNH"

Joan Earle Hahn, Associate Professor, Nursing; Institute on Disability:

"Nursing and Adults Aging with Intellectual and Other Disabilities - Overcoming Health Disparities"

Ned Helms, Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"A Transformed Health System: Producing Healthy People in Healthy Communities"

Andrew Houtenville, Associate Professor/IOD Research Director, Institute on Disability:                

"Annual Compendium on Disability Statistics"

Betsy Humphreys, Program Director, Institute on Disability:                        

"The Role of Developmental Screening Practices in Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders an Analysis of All-Payer Claims Data in New Hampshire"

David Laflamme, Research Assistant Professor, Health Management and Policy; Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"State Maternal & Child Health Epidemiologist
Applied Research Through Public Health Practice
A partnership between the Department of Health Management & Policy, the Institute for Health Policy and Practice, and the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services, 2003-present"

Dain LaRoche, Associate Professor, Kinesiology:

"Excess Body Weight Influences Gait and Energy Cost of Walking in Older Adults"

JoAnne Malloy, Clinical Assistant Professor, Institute on Disability and Social Work:

"RENEW Capacity Building in Community settings"

Monica McClain, Research Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy; Institute on Disability:

"New England Metabolic Centers Program to Improve Care for Patients with Inherited Metabolic Disorders"

Tobey Partch-Davies, Project Director, Institute on Disability:

"Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Evaluation"

Kimberly Persson, Project Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"Million Hearts Learning Collaborative"

Kimberly Phillips, Project Director, Institute on Disability:

"Health Disparities & Disability Project"

Jo Porter, Deputy Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"APCD Overview"

Sara Rainer, Research Assistant, Institute on Disability:

"NH Disability and Public Health Project"

Amanda Reichard, Research Assistant Professor, Institute on Disability; Health Management and Policy:

"The Disability Population: Do Differences by Disability Type Matter to Public Health?"

Jeanne Ryer, Director, Citizens Health Initiative, Institute for Health Policy and Practice:

"MapNH Health"

Joanne Samuels, Associate Professor, Nursing:

"Advancing Pain Management Quality Improvement Science"

Jayson Seaman, Associate Professor, Kinesiology:

"Participant profiles, antecedent predictors, and developmental outcomes of rural youth involvement in outdoor activities throughout adolescence: A longitudinal study"

Erin Hiley Sharp, Assistant Professor, Family Studies, Carsey Institute:

"Longitudinal Patterns of Participation in School and Community Activities and Educational, Psychological, and Behavioral Outcomes among Rural Adolescents" 

Vidya Sundar, Project Director, Institute on Disability:

“Role of Socio-demographics and Neighborhood Characteristics in Community Participation of Working Age Adults with Disabilities”

Erik Swartz, Professor, Kinesiology:

"Football helmet and face mask removal"

Carolyn Tobin, Assistant Professor, Nursing:

"Irish Midwives Experience of Providing Maternity Care to Non-Irish Women Seeking Asylum"

Robert Woodward, McKerley Professor of Health Economics, Health Management and Policy:  

"The Oh-So Straight and Narrow Path: Can the Health Expenditure Curve Be Bent?"














































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