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Meet Denver Greene

Denver Greene

Home Town: Blairstown, NJ

Extracurricular activities: Hiking, Kayaking, Coaching

What do you love most about PE?

I love that I can participate with the kids during an activity. I also love that I get to see the entire school. I believe it is one of the benefits of being a unified arts teacher.

Why did you choose PE?

I chose PE because I wanted to stay involved in sports and I wanted to work with kids. School and sports were all I knew growing up so I wanted to stay in those fields.

Where do you se yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as a PE teacher and coaching. It doesn’t matter what level I teach at. It also doesn’t matter where I am teaching. Who knows!

Do you see yourself teaching health?

I do see myself teaching health in some capacity. It is a vital subject to teach kids because the content will impact their life choices.

Favorite Food: Pesto Pizza

Favorite Movie/TV show: Interstellar

Favorite Sport to play/watch: Basketball, soccer, golf, bowling

Favorite class at UNH: Team Sports/Lifetime Sports

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Denver Greene
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