Nursing Simulation Laboratory

NSL Open House: Fred and Val England, students, faculty

The University of New Hampshire, Department of Nursing, Nursing Simulation Lab  opened in the Fall of 2012 thanks to the generous donation by Fred and Val England



Nursing Fundamental Simulation Lab

The Nursing Simulation Laboratory includes mannequins, task trainers, and clinical equipment to facilitate student learning and manage various patient conditions and nursing procedures. It is is considered a clinical setting and subject to the UNH Department of Nursing code of conduct, including HIPAA.



The goal of the Laboratory is to promote safe, knowledgeable and effective nursing care by demonstrating and reinforcing the highest level of performance and readiness. The Laboratory is an environment to support the student’s clinical experience, educate, enlighten and to promote empowerment. Scenarios and simulation experiences are related to the didactic course objectives.  

NSL Control Room

Simulations and case scenarios mimic the clinical setting and are designed to help the student develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Simulations include all environmental factors to make learning realistic and authentic. The simulations help students think on their feet and facilitate the transition from lab to clinical. The faculty provide debriefing and positive feedback, and students self analyze their performance and use critical thinking during the reflection process. 

NSL Debriefing Room

Experiences in the high fidelity simulation rooms may be photographed, videotaped or audio recorded by faculty.  These recordings are for educational purposes and debriefing opportunities with the appropriate faculty, staff, and students.