Donna Smith

Phone: (603) 862-2835
Office: Child Study & Development Center, Child Study & Development Center, Durham, NH 03824
Donna E. Smith, Assistant Teacher, Child Study and Development Center

Donna has worked as the Multi-classroom teacher for twenty-two years working with infants through preschool 2. She received her Early Childhood Credential as a Lead Teacher 5.

Her professional interests at CSDC include sign language focusing with infants. She believes that infants can communicate their wants and needs through simple signing. The importance with infants signing encourages communication between infants and adults in an easier way; as well as developing their communication skills. Another passion she has is photography. She feel that a picture tells a thousand words and can easily capture the moment a child is invested in.  Donna  also believes in the importance of documentation. Documentation tells a story through children’s creations, discussions, and intentions with the activity they are working on. Creating a literacy rich environment that supports children with opportunities to explore and while using literacy through their daily experiences and routines. Gardening is her sole passion at CSDC and enjoys spending time in the garden with children weeding, watching them explore their surrounding; while creating enriched snacks with children  with the vegetables and fruits from our Community Garden.