Prashant Mittal

Office: Health Management & Policy, 10 Pettee Brook Lane Suite 1, Durham, NH 03824
Prashant Mittal

Prashant Mittal is the lead instructor in the graduate program in Analytics and Data Science at the University of New Hampshire. He teaches graduate courses in Bioinformatics, Psychometrics, Biostatistics, Health Analytics, Machine Learning, Python / R programming, Bayesian statistics, Text Mining, and applied Statistics. He also serves as a consultant for small and large corporations, hospital systems, and universities with their research and analysis. Previously he served as senior Biostatistician at the University of Southern Maine (USM) where he researched on prevalence and spread of health conditions and predictive analytics on public health research projects. He has worked on several national and regional surveillance systems and evaluation projects from institutions like CDC and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He is experienced with advanced multivariate statistical predictive modeling, data mining and data analysis techniques, survey weighting and methodology, and psychometric analysis.


  • M.S., University of Delhi
  • M.S., Statistics, University of Southern Maine
  • B.S., University of Delhi

Courses Taught

  • DATA 800: Intro: Applied Analytic Stats
  • DATA 801: Foundations of Data Analytics
  • DATA 802: Tools and Foundations
  • DATA 803: Intro Analytics Applications
  • DATA 812: Health Analytics
  • DATA 888: Top/Health Analytics
  • DATA 896: Analytics Lab I
  • DATA 897: Self-Designed Analytics Lab II
  • DATA 900: Data Architecture
  • DATA 901: Analytics Applications I
  • DATA 902: Analytics Methods
  • DATA 903: Analytics Applications II
  • DATA 911: Analytics Practicum I
  • DATA 912: Analytics Practicum II
  • DATA/HMP 812/712/812: Health Analytics
  • HDS 805: Machine Learning in Healthcare
  • HHS 540: Stats for Health Professionals
  • HMP 712: Health Analytics