Outdoor Recreation Management (Minor)

Outdoor Recreation Management (Minor)

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The Department of Recreation Management and Policy offers a minor in Outdoor Recreation Management (ORM). The ORM minor is designed to provide an opportunity for students outside of the RMP major to acquire well rounded knowledge related to the management of outdoor recreation resources and services. The ORM minor offers students a social science focused curriculum with a recreation management emphasis. The three required minor courses offer a solid foundation in recreation and leisure, outdoor recreation, and recreation resource management. Students select two additional courses from a variety of tailored and specialized offerings that allow students to focus on specific area(s) of knowledge and interest.
Questions about the minor may be directed to:
Dr. Michael D. Ferguson michael.ferguson@unh.edu


Department of Recreation Management & Policy
Hewitt Hall, 4 Library Way
Durham, NH 03824

Phone: (603) 862-2391

Curriculum & Requirements

The Outdoor Recreation Management (ORM) minor requires students to complete five total courses (20 credits).

Three (3) Required Core Courses for the ORM minor:

RMP 490Recreation and Leisure in Society4
RMP/OUT 515History of Outdoor Pursuits in North America4
RMP 711Recreation Resource Management4

Two (2) Elective Courses from the following for the ORM minor:

RMP 501Recreation Services for Individuals with Disabilities4
RMP 511Issues of Wilderness and Nature in American Society4
RMP 557Program and Event Design4
RMP 559Program and Event Marketing4
RMP 603New Hampshire Ski Industry Management4
RMP 661Recreation and Event Leadership4
RMP 663Recreation and Event Management4
RMP 668Youth Culture and Programs4
RMP 670Management and Design of Recreation and Parks Facilities4
RMP 680Festival and Event Planning4
RMP #730Camp Administration and Leadership4
RMP 775Entrepreneurial and Commercial Recreation4
OUT 551Adventure Programming: Backcountry Based Experience4
OUT 552Adventure Programming: Water Based Experiences4
OUT 681Theory of Adventure Education4
TOUR 400Introduction to Tourism4
TOUR 767Social Impact Assessment4

Please note:

  • To complete the ORM minor, students must submit a Certification of Completion of Minor during their final semester at UNH to Dr. Michael D. Ferguson, Assistant Professor, Recreation Management and Policy.
  • RMP 490 Recreation and Leisure in Society is a pre-requisite for some RMP courses.
  • Students are responsible for checking prerequisite course requirements.
  • Capacity in courses may be limited.
  • The Outdoor Recreation Management Minor follows UNH's policy on minors. Following University policy, students must complete 20 semester hours with a grade of C- or better and a 2.0 grade point average.
  • Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis may not be used for the minor.
  • No more than 8 credits used by a student to satisfy major requirements may be used for the minor.
  • ​No transfer courses may be used toward the minor.

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