Social Work and Kinesiology Dual Degree M.S./M.S.W.

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Social Work and Kinesiology Dual Degree M.S./M.S.W.

UNH’s dual degree in social work and kinesiology: outdoor education is one of the nation’s leading programs training mental health professionals to work in the expanding field of adventure therapy. This program unites the clinical training of UNH’s top-ranked social work degree and its pioneering outdoor education program. Graduates of the dual degree pursue successful, satisfying careers that bring counseling skills into challenging wilderness experiences for a therapeutic intervention that’s highly effective in promoting wellness and mental health, particularly among adolescents.

Program Overview

Social Work and Kinesiology

Dual-degree Social Work and Kinesiology students take classes simultaneously over the course of two-and-and-half years in both Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education and complete a minimum of 77 credits for graduation. This includes two internships, one during their first year of study, and a second specialized block placement internship over the summer following the second year of study, which concentrates on the utilization and application of adventure therapy in an agency setting. This block placement internship may occur in New England or in other appropriate settings across the U.S. Students are required to also complete an advanced studies project during their last year of study, which is supervised by faculty in Kinesiology: Outdoor Education and Social Work

Admission Requirements

Dual degree applicants in Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education must meet the requirements for both Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education.  Applicants should check each program for their requirements which may be different. GREs are required.

Dual degree applications are due by February 1st.

For additional information regarding the Social Work/KIN dual degree admission requirements, contact Anita Tucker at


Department of Social Work
Pettee Hall, 55 College Road
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Phone: (603) 862-1799

Curriculum & Requirements

Social Work and Kinesiology Dual Degree Program MSW/MS Courses

SW 820Social Welfare Policy I3
SW 830Social Work Practice I3
SW 840Implications of Race, Culture, and Oppression for Social Work Practice3
SW 850Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (HBSE I)3
SW 880Field Internship I (seminar and concurrent two­day/week internship/academic year)3
KIN 882Therapeutic Applications of Adventure Programming4
SW 860Research Methods in Social Work3
SW 831Social Work Practice II: Practice in Small Groups and Community Organizations3
SW 851Human Behavior and the Social Environment II (HBSE II)3
SW 881Field Internship II3
KIN 883Pysch Factors of Adventure Ed4
SW 930Advanced General Practice III: Clinical Assessment and Intervention3
SW 962Data Analysis and Statistics3
SW 952Human Behavior and the Social Environment III3
KIN 897Advanced Topics in Outdoor Education2-6
SW 931Advanced Generalist Practice IV: Community and Administrative Practice3
KIN 886Organization and Administration of Outdoor Education Programs4
SW 865Adventure Therapy: Facillitation and Processing of the Experience3
SW 926Social Welfare Policy II3
SW 982Field Internship III4
SW 983Field Internship IV4
KIN 884Historical Foundations of Outdoor Experiential Education4
Total Credits71-75

Explore Program Details

Dual degree applicants in Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education must meet the requirements for both Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education. Please note, dual degree applicants may be accepted into the M.S.W. program only, M. S. in Kinesiology only, or both. Dual degree applications are due by February 1st.

Admission Requirements: Kinesiology/Outdoor Education

Evaluation of applications is based on the student's undergraduate preparation, academic record, Graduate Record Examination general test scores, and letters of recommendation. Each applicant's undergraduate record will be examined for course deficiencies and such courses will have to be made up without graduate credit.

Graduate Record Examination

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements of the UNH Graduate School, successful candidates must show adequate preparation in basic operational knowledge of outdoor education programs and a strong background in outdoor adventure skills. A minimum of 2 years experience in the field of outdoor education is necessary, with evidence of considerable leadership time with groups in outdoor education settings. Familiarity with the philosophic and historical underpinnings of the field is also necessary. Students found to be lacking in these expected areas are sometimes conditionally admitted while they gain proficiency in a needed area.

UNH Graduate School

Admission Requirements: Social Work

The Department encourages applications from persons who

  • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university
  • Have attained an overall grade-point average of “B” or better in undergraduate coursework
  • Have completed courses in a broad range of liberal arts and science disciplines
  • Have acceptable recommendations from three individuals, one of whom must be a member of an academic faculty
  • Have completed satisfactorily a personal statement of interest in pursuing graduate education in the field. Though not required, significant volunteer and/or work experience in the field is strongly recommended. Students who do not meet the liberal arts and science expectations may be asked to complete additional coursework prior to or during the first year of their enrollment in the program.  The MSW program, in compliance with CSWE Accreditation Standards, does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience
Application Instructions
  • Applications are to be made to the Graduate School by applying online. Interested applicants need to apply separately to each program and must meet the requirements for each program to be accepted as a Dual Degree Student.  Applicants should check each program for their requirements which may be different. 
  • When selecting a major choice, under the "Planned Major" section of the online application, select Social Work. Then under the options question indicate this is for the Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education.
  • At the top of the personal essay write "Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education.”  Only one personal essay is required, see #3 for details.
  • In a well-constructed essay of 4-5 pages all applicants should respond to the following three questions. Your essay must be typewritten and double-spaced. 
    1. How did you become interested in social work? What personal, academic, organizational, volunteer and/or paid work experiences have influenced your choice of social work as a profession?
    2. Briefly discuss a current social issue of great concern or interest to you.
    3. Describe some intellectual and personal attributes that you believe make you particularly suited for the profession of social work.
    4. In addition, as a Dual Degree student you should integrate into your personal essay why you are interested in both fields and your long term professional goals based on receiving this dual degree. This should supplement your responses to the three questions all applicants are required to address in their personal essays for social work.
  • On the letter of reference form, under the "Degree sought in ..." field indicate this letter is for an application to the Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Kinesiology: Outdoor Education.

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