Alejandra Manheimer-St.Germaine

Alejandra Manheimer-St.Germaine

What made you decide to enroll in the Social Work department here at UNH?
I was working at Plymouth State Catering and a fellow co-worker asked what I wanted to do and I informed her I was looking into Social Work. She told me about her daughter-in-law Missy who was at UNH getting her MSW. She also explained to me where Missy was interning her two years and how she got her job from her 2nd placement. I decided to do some research and the program sounded pretty good. It was great the options available on how many years to complete your degree, and the placements sounded amazing. Also there was Assistantships available to help with tuition which was important to me since I was on my own for pay to school.

Describe your most memorable experience in the department.
I have many memorable experiences in this department. I received scholarships and a Graduate Assistantship and been active in the Diversity Committee. Another memorable experience is parking my car in A Lot and spotting my professor Dr. Lusenhop. He greeted me very friendly as usual and he is very approachable to talk to about anything. We walked over to Pettee discussing 2nd year placements. He offered me good advice and to talk more when I narrowed down my placements. I walked away from that conversation inspired and confident. This also happens when I spend time talking with department admin, Emilie Cilley, too. The support received here is the best and the memories I have with other professors and friends have made my experience here in the department worthwhile.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plans after graduation would be to work at a continuing care retirement center and have the opportunity to volunteer my time at an international non-profit organization by going a board and being a social worker for women and children.

What are some of your favorite aspects of the program?
I have many favorite things about the program. One favorite aspects of the program is that my professors and Emilie Cilley are always available to talk to about anything and at any time. I feel very supported and have confidence in myself that I am going to make it through the MSW program from the advice, courage, and wisdom they give. Another aspect is I love my classes and the options that are available for electives. Also and probably the best aspect of this program is as MSW students, we create a strong cohort community and it may be even stronger than relationships we made as undergraduates.

Describe why you would recommend UNH to potential students.
I would recommend UNH specifically the social work department because it has a strong and supportive community of faculty and staff. They have tons of experience and are very welcoming and can answer any questions or ease any worries students may have. Also the relationships you create here from supervisors, advisers, friends are something rare and important to form. I have found and developed mine and I know future and potential students will too.