Meet Nicole Moody

Nicole Moody

Nicole Moody is a nursing student who has made the most of every opportunity that UNH has offered.

After graduating near the top of her high school class in Wells, Maine, Moody could have chosen to attend almost any institution in New England, but ultimately decided on UNH. “I chose UNH nursing for many different reasons, one of them being the fact that it has great clinical locations. I also fell in love with the university, which was very important to me.”

One of the most enriching parts of her academic experience has been working as a nursing student at different local hospitals each semester. Since beginning at Dover Rehab (Long-Term Care) in the fall of her sophomore year, Moody has worked at Edgewood Center in Portsmouth (Long-Term Care), Wentworth Douglas (Med Surg) in Dover, Concord Hospital (Maternity), Portsmouth Regional Hospital (Mental Health), and the Monarch School (Pediatrics) in Rochester.

Having many different clinical locations has allowed Moody to experience many different aspects of nursing at places all over the state.

“I definitely like getting to see how the different hospitals operate and having opportunities to make connections with different nurses. It keeps things interesting and allows you to see different things. Being in Concord for my maternity rotation I saw the drug problem first-hand, but at Portsmouth Regional it seemed to be less of an issue, so it is interesting to see the different components of New Hampshire and how to care for different populations.

Moody has also taken the initiative to expand her connections outside of New Hampshire. This summer, she took a job at Massachusetts General Hospital in their psych unit. “I had a fantastic summer and I am maintaining the job throughout the school year. I hope to have that turn into a (full-time) job when I graduate.”

In order to land the job at Mass General, Moody made sure to use the connections she has made at UNH to put herself in the best position possible. In particular, she credits two UNH nursing faculty members, Kim Gibbons and Colleen Taylor, for helping her out.

“(Taylor and Gibbons) helped me prep for the interview and they have been instrumental in helping me and always telling me I am going to be okay. They believe in me when I don’t even believe in myself.” These strong relationships with faculty have been important for Moody, as nursing has a reputation as being a very time-demanding program.

Despite the time that nursing takes up, Moody has still been able to make the most of her college experience. For the past two years, she has worked as a Residential Assistant (RA). In addition to this, she has served on the executive board of the ‘Cat Pack Captains and has been a member of the Campus Living Association. She also now works for UNH Admissions as a Student Representative for UNH Nursing.

Given her success at UNH, Moody has advice for both current and prospective nursing students: “It is going to be hard without a doubt, but when you get through it, it is going to be worth it and you will make some incredible connections and have great experiences along the way.”