Wildcat Pledge to UNITE Against Racism

Take the Wildcat Pledge to UNITE Against Racism! 

UNH Diversity Statement

The University of New Hampshire is committed to building and nurturing an environment of inclusive excellence where all students, faculty, and staff can thrive.  We also are committed to providing open and inclusive access for all alumni, volunteers, learners, employees, and visitors seeking to participate in our programs and activities.  We venture to sustain a campus environment that fosters mutual respect and understanding.  We believe diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion are foundational values inextricably linked to achieving our core educational mission; and we embrace the many characteristics of our community members that make them uniquely themselves.  Here, you belong, and all are welcome.

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By signing this document, you pledge to:  

Understand your biases

Normalize talking about race and speaking up

Include everyone in all aspects of learning

Thank those who seek to help you on your journey

  • We all make mistakes. Take corrections as assistance and do better

Everyone at UNH plays a part! 

  • This includes all Students, Faculty and Staff. Please join your fellow UNH Wildcats and further our commitment to inclusive excellence by signing the pledge


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