How We Work

We are a training, research, and clinical site for the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of New Hampshire. As part of our training procedure, our therapists operate using a team approach. The supervisory team includes your assigned therapist, a senior supervisor, and selected advanced family therapy trainees. In order to help you most effectively and efficiently, the team may observe sessions from behind our one-way mirrors and videotape therapy sessions in order to give feedback, support, and collaboration to you and your therapist. The videotapes are also used by your therapist and therapy team to review and plan therapy. Tapes are kept under lock and key and are erased at the end of therapy. Most clients have found this service to be a helpful and low-cost way of solving problems.

All members of the team are required by legal and ethical standards to maintain strict professional confidentiality. This means that no information about you or your case will be released without your express written permission, except as mandated by law. Therapists are required by law to disclose confidential information in circumstances in which a) it is suspected that someone is in imminent physical danger, b) child abuse or neglect is revealed or suspected, or c) the center is served with a court subpoena.