Other Treatment Options/ Community Resources

We at the Marriage and Family Therapy Center would like to make sure that you get the right treatment for you. While we have enjoyed great success treating a variety of problems, we understand that our services might not be for everyone. The following list of numbers represents some other community resources in the seacoast area, including other mental health centers, hospitals, psychiatric/substance abuse hospitals, shelters, and hotlines. This list only represents a few alternatives. Some people also find relief from spiritual leaders or alternative healers. If your are unsure whether our services are right for you, you can call us and ask for a no-obligation consultation session for help in reviewing your options.

Mental Health Centers

Community Partners
Intake: (603) 516-7372

Family Strengths
Concord (main office)
Also in Durham/Dover: (603) 868-2102

Seacoast Mental Health
Portsmouth: (603) 431-6703
Exeter: (603) 772-2710

Seacoast Hospitals

Concord Hospital
(603) 225-2711

Exeter Hospital 
(603) 778-7311

Frisbie Memorial
(603) 332-5211

Wentworth Douglas
(603) 742-5252

Portsmouth Regional 
(603) 436-5110

Psychiatric/ Substance Abuse Hospitals

Portsmouth Hospital
Portsmouth: (603) 436-0600

Spring Harbor Hospital (formerly Jackson Brook Institute)
South Portland, ME 
(207) 761-2200

Hampstead Hospital 
(603) 329-5311


HAVEN (Domestic Violence) 
Portsmouth: (603) 994-7233

Crossroads House (Homeless Shelter)
Portsmouth: (603) 436-2218

My Friends Place (Homeless Shelter)
Dover: (603) 749-3017


NH HELP LINE (24 hr referral assistance)
(800) 852-3388

AIDS hotline
NH: (800) 852-3345
ME: (800) 852-3345

Rape Crisis Hotline (24 hr Assistance)
Portsmouth: (603) 436-4107

Rape Crisis (SHARPP)
Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention Program
(603) 862-3494 
University of NH
24 hour dispatch service

Your physician, church, local hospital or yellow pages may have additional resources.

On-line database for Seacoast agencies