Clinical Services


The UNH Speech-Language-Hearing Center (SLHC) offers state-of-the-art assessments and intervention for individuals of all ages. Services are provided by graduate student clinicians under the supervision of licensed, certified speech-language pathologists. The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders clinical programs are unique in that they offer graduate students the opportunity to gain valuable clinical experience that aligns with their academic courses. This combination of classroom and clinical work enhances the academic experience for our graduate students and assures clients of a personalized intervention program delivered by highly motivated student clinicians based on the most contemporary, evidence-based interventions.

The Speech-Language-Hearing Center provides Intervention and assessment in many areas including:

  • Speech sound disorders (i.e. lisp)
  • Apraxia of speech (child and adult acquired)
  • Spoken language and language comprehension 
  • Social communication (pragmatics)
  • Voice therapy
  • Gender-affirming voice training
  • Stuttering and cluttering
  • Communication enhancement and English pronunciation for non-native speakers of English