Services for Adults

The Speech-Language-Hearing Center provides diagnostic and intervention services to adults who demonstrate a broad range of speech-language-communication disorders and differences.

Treatment for Speech-Language Disorders
Speech-language therapy includes intervention for individuals who present with a lisp, multiple sound substitutions, speech that is difficult to understand, voice disorders, language comprehension difficulties, and stuttering. In addition, the Center offers intervention for cognitive communication disorders focusing on attention, memory and executive functioning. Intervention is also offered for augmentative and alternative communication for adults who need to compensate for severe speech-language impairments in the expression or comprehension of spoken or written language.

Intervention for Speech-Language Differences
Many members of the international community seek our services to improve their English pronunciation/communication skills. Programs are individualized to focus on a participant's goals, interests and needs (i.e. work, teaching/teaching assistant, academics, social situations).