Virtual Consultation Program

Supporting Early Childhood Educators:

A Virtual Consultation Model

In an effort to continue supporting the state's QRIS initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2021), the UNH Early Learning Coaching Team developed a free and personalized professional development opportunity that was offered to early childhood educators throughout the state. This virtual consultation program was an individualized, teacher-driven process for guiding educators' implementation of best practices within infant, toddler, and preschool learning environments.  Coaches developed strong, collaborative partnerships with teachers and supported them within cycles of reflection, sharing feedback, setting goals, and action planning. Coaches provided three, 14-week cohorts supporting a total of 26 teachers. Each teacher engaged in bi-weekly 1:1 virtual consultation sessions with their coach and also participated in virtual interactive workshops on the following topics:         

Child exploring outside in winter


  • Reflective Practice within Early Childhood Education
  • Best Practices within Early Childhood Learning Environments
  • The Power of Interactions within Early Learning Environments

New Hampshire Early Childhood Educators Reflect: 

The Impact of Virtual Consultation