Play-based Learning Task Force

Children making art at CSDC

The Preschool Development Grant (PDG) continues New Hampshire's efforts to better understand the current early childhood system and use those data to strengthen the system, better address the needs of vulnerable young children and their families, and help build a solid foundation to improve outcomes for NH's children, families, schools, and communities. The grant seeks to support New Hampshire's vision that all families are afforded comprehensive and responsive supports, so they are healthy, learning, and thriving, now and in the future. A key goal of the PDG is to enhance collaboration and coherence within early childhood systems through the sharing of best practices, including play-based learning.

The UNH Early Learning Coaching Team established the New Hampshire Play-based Learning Task Force in January of 2021 to support the PDG's goal of enhancing collaboration and coherence across early childhood systems. Play-based learning task force representatives are key stakeholders from organizations statewide that are committed to implementing, engaging in, and supporting projects related to play-based learning and improving childhood outcomes.

  • Bring together early childhood stakeholders across the state who are committed to best practices to support young children’s development. Build a collaborative infrastructure among early childhood professionals and organizations around the sharing of best practices and play-based learning.
  • Learn about complementary play-based learning projects in the state. Support related projects and make connections across schools, homes, and communities.
  • Identify potential concepts for replication or future expansion.

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