"Family Connections Center is the best program I've ever encountered in the prison system. When I'm at support groups and seminars

father and daughter playing

learn so much about the importance of children & how we affect them mentally & physically. Because of F.C.C. I KNOW I am a better person, especially a better father."
–Troy D.

"If it wasn't for L.R.F. and especially the family resource center (Family Connections Center). I might have never had the chance to reunite with my children or meet a son I never met after 18 years. "
–Joe G.

"For a little while I almost forgot where I was. The kids told their Mom they had great visit and can't wait till the next one."
- Dennis R.

"The one-on-one visit with my new baby means the world to me."
– Felipe R.

"The FCC gave me the opportunity to get to know and bond with my son on a one to one to one basis. Being able to record a book on tape is very special."
– Incarcerated Father

"The books on tape really encourages my child to read. She also loves to listen to the tape when she misses me."
– Tom N.

". . . I completed the F.C.C. Parenting Class, the class really made me aware of different parenting skills. I always believed I was a good parent, and I still do believe I am a good parent, but this class allowed me to better my parenting skills so I now know that as my children go into their teenage years I will be prepared."
– Kevin L.

"This program that is offered here, is in my opinion, 'one of the best programs' . . . I have completed the program and now have one-on-one visits with my 16-month-old son, without this, the bond we have would not be possible. This program has helped me in so many different ways, to not only parent but interact with my children. Some of the parenting "beliefs" I grew up with, are not what today, I consider 'good parenting.' Today, through this program and its very professional staff, I am able to be the Father I always wanted to be!"
– Craig K.