For Fathers

FCC Programs for Incarcerated Fathers

father playing with infant

FCC provides the following programs for fathers who are incarcerated at the NH State Prisons in Concord and Berlin:

  • Parenting education class – The 18-hour Fathers Connecting with Children curriculum is adapted from the UNH Cooperative Extension Family Focus curriculum. This class must be successfully completed before participation in all other FCC activities.
  • Parenting support groups – Offered weekly, these groups offer incarcerated fathers an opportunity to share and learn from each other. The fathers support each other as they learn to parent away from their families. Participants must attend one support group per week to be considered an active participant and to be eligible for all programming at the Family Connections Center.
  • Healthy Relationships – A 10-hour class which is based on the "Relationship Smarts PLUS," curriculum. Based on the 5-year federal evaluation study at Auburn University, is a research-based curriculum that uses hands-on activities to build skills and knowledge necessary for making wise relationship choices.
  • Books on CD – Incarcerated fathers can record stories and songs on CDs up to three times per year per child. These CDs are sent to each child's home with 2 brand-new books and a new book bag. This way the incarcerated father can read stories to his child every night before bed. The hope is that this will help encourage literacy as the child follows along with the book as Dad is reading. This also gives the child the power to hear Dad's voice and hear Dad saying "I love you" whenever when they are missing him.
  • Internet video/virtual visitation – Incarcerated fathers can apply to visit with their children via an Internet webcam. Although these visits do not include the important aspect of physical touch, they can provide an intimate connection between parent and child. Visits have taken place between incarcerated fathers and children located in New Hampshire, in other states, and even in Europe and New Zealand. These children would not see or interact with their fathers without the Family Connections Center program. Children are able to visit semi-privately with Dad and share parts of their lives with him, from introducing him to their new pet to showing him crafts they have made.
  • Seminars – Various life skills seminars are offered on an on-going basis. Volunteer presenters from UNH Cooperative Extension, Plymouth State UniversityCollege, Child Support Services, and NH Public Television have conducted seminars on a variety of topics, including:  When Your Income Drops, When Parenting Styles Differ, Ages and Stages of Child Development, Moral Development, Conflict Resolution and a Literacy Seminar, Money Management, and Nutrition.
  • Family resources libraries – We have extensive family libraries at three locations filled with books on many topics. These books are used during the program visits and to record on the books on CD.
  • Monthly newsletter – This newsletter is available to all incarcerated fathers and may also be sent via email to their child(ren)'s caregiver. The newsletter highlights upcoming FCC events, offers parenting support and advice and lets families know what is happening in NH communities.