Honors in Major

The department offers an Honors in Major program. To qualify, students are required to maintain an overall 3.70 grade-point average.
Students must successfully complete three approved upper level classes in the major. These courses will require additional independent work, readings, and meetings with the course instructor. All courses may not be offered every year.

Students must successfully complete HMP 798H Honors Project / Research Design (2 cr.) and HMP 799H, Honors Project (4 cr.) under the direction of an health management and policy faculty member. During the first semester, senior year, students select a topic and develop a research plan. In the second semester, senior year, they will gather data and write a thesis. Students will also conduct a seminar presenting their findings to health management and policy faculty and other honors students.

Students should contact the department's Honors in Major adviser for further information:

Semra Aytur, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Management and Policy
Hewitt Hall 335
Telephone (603) 862-2733
Email: semra.aytur@unh.edu