Health Analytics and Informatics

The Institute for Health Policy and Practice's efforts in the area of Health Analytics and Informatics transforms health data into actionable information to support data-driven decision-making.

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FEATURE: Oral Health Report Suite

To better understand the cost and use of oral health care services in New Hampshire, IHPP developed an Oral Health Report Suite (open with Firefox). With funding provided by New Hampshire Children’s Health Foundation, and guidance from the NH Oral Health Stakeholder Group, IHPP developed an on-line tool that is based on NH Medicaid fee-for-service and commercial dental claims data (for more information about the commercial claims data visit

Oral Health Report Suite  Open with Firefox!

NH Oral Health Report suite user's Guide

Projects and Initiatives

The APCD Council, formerly known as RAPHIC, is a federation of government, private, nonprofit, and academic organizations focused on improving the development and deployment of state-based all payer claims databases. The Council provides early stage technical assistance to states, develops Federal and payer partnerships, promotes data standards, and conducts educational events. The APCD Council is convened and coordinated by IHPP and the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO).

Analytics for NH Department of Health and Human Services

Our team will provide analysis of claims data to DPHS in an effort to study prevalence, cost and utilization of healthcare services for several chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension and cancer from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims data.

We are also providing claims data analysis for a study of behavioral-health related mortality in Medicaid, a joint project between the Division of Public Health Services and the Office of Medicaid.

Analytics for Northern New England Practice Transformations Network (NNE-PTN)

Since 2016, our team has provided analysis of claims data for the CMMI Practice Transformation Project for both Maine and NH.  Specifically, our team produces quarterly updates of measures based on Medicaid and Medicare data for Maine and NH, and commercial for NH for a suite of measures related to utilization and cost, including Total Cost of Care.  The analysis uses the attribution methodology developed for the NH Accountable Care Learning Network for primary care, behavioral health and specialties.

Analytics for Accountable Care Learning Network

The Accountable Care Learning Network leverages a set of analytic reports that include measures of quality, utilization and cost across systems and regions. The reports are an important source of information for systems undergoing transformation to measure and compare their performance. IHPP is using the SAS® Visual Analytics Software® to support the learning network.  

NH Purchasers Group on Health Analytic Reports

IHPP manages the analysis of data for the NH Purchasers Group on Health, a coalition of public purchasers working to improve quality and efficiency, affect healthcare trend, and share best practices on benefits, wellness and contracts. The analysis report includes a range of cost and utilization measures, including state-level benchmark reports. 

Quality Assurance for NH All-Payer Claims Data (APCD)

IHPP develops protocols and completes the QA process for NH CHIS data to support the work of the NH Department of Health and Human Services.

Analysis of NH Oral Healthcare Claims Data

With funding provided by the HNH Foundation, IHPP is developing a demonstration of the utility of dental claims data for analysis. Analysis will include linking medical and claims data, understanding dental service delivery, and analysis specific to provider types and populations.


With funding from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Adult Medicaid Quality program, IHPP is contracted with NH DHHS to develop and maintain the NH Medicaid Quality Information System.


IHPP partners with the NH Department of Health and Human Services to support NH HealthWRQS, a web-based query analysis system that allows public health practitioners the ability to query data and view reports instantly about the health of New Hampshire communities.


IHPP develops and administers the New Hampshire Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program for the NH DHHS. This federally-sponsored program provides incentive payments to Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals as they demonstrate adoption, implementation, upgrade, or meaningful use of certified EHR technology. This incentive program is designed to support providers during this period of health information technology transition and instill the use of EHRs in meaningful ways to help our nation to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient healthcare.