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Prove It! Let the Data Tell the Story

Prove It! Let the Data Tell the Story is a hands-on course focusing on the use of data and basic statistics commonly used in public health. NH community leaders expressed the need for training about using data to support their efforts to improve the health of their communities, and Prove It! was conceptualized by the Empowering Communities project to meet that need. Prove It! provides a basic understanding of why we use data and how to use data in community health assessment and monitoring, using the specific focus on writing grant applications as the example.

For more information on having Prove It! taught in your organization, email the Institute for Health Policy and Practice.

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Courses Taught by Institute Staff

Marguerite Corvini, MSW

  • SW 444: You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine
  • NURS 704P: Public Health Nursing Project

Lucy Hodder, Professor of Law

  • LGP 930: Health Law and Industry Regulation
  • LGP 904: Current Issues in Health Law and Policy
  • LGP 971: BioInnovation Research Collaboration and the Law

David Laflamme, Ph.D, MPH

  • PHP 904: Social & Behavioral Health
  • PHP 926: M1 Evaluation in Public Health
  • PHP 985A: Quality Improvement in Public Health

Ashley Wilder, MPH

  • HMP403: Introduction to Public Health

Alison Rataj, MSW

  • SW 851: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
  • SW 444: You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine