Student Organization for Health Leadership


Our mission is to build and strengthen a network system for future, current, and alumni students of the Health Management and Policy Program. This network will promote job security and establish a strong brand for the program that exemplifies an excellent reputation of leadership, collaboration, and education.

SOHL Officers 2023-2024

President Emma Schleck
Vice President Madison Cannon
Banquet Coordinator Caroline Cundy
Fundraising Coordinators Kate Gauthier & Linda Marino
VP Alumni Affairs Shayla Davis 

Become a Preceptor - HMP students complete a practicum during the summer between their Junior and senior year. As a preceptor for an HMP student you can provide valuable knowledge to the students and give them an experience that will influence the rest of their professional career. Students gain practical knowledge and are able to further develop their skills as they work closely with their preceptor. If you think you may be interested contact Mark Bonica at

Resume Review and Practice Interview Days - HMP Alumni are invited to come back and volunteer their knowledge and experience to assist undergraduates in revising their resumes, and practicing their interview skills. These are crucial elements in the job search process for the upcoming juniors and seniors as they look for competitive internships and careers.  If interested, contact Mark Bonica at

Trips to Local Health Care Organizations - Every year the Senior and Junior HMP classes travel to local healthcare organizations where alumni are involved, to learn more about their organization. These site visits often turn into opportunities for job and internship prospects. If you think you may be interested, contact Mark Bonica at