Mission of the Department of Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Department, through innovative teaching, scholarship, and service, strives to enhance understanding of the transformative power of occupation. The mission includes the study of occupational science and occupational therapy and involves interdisciplinary partnerships among faculty, students, practitioners, and community members in an interactive process to develop leaders who respond to the current and future needs of the community. Consistent with the missions of the University of New Hampshire and the College of Health and Human Services, we deliver undergraduate and graduate programs of distinction, engaging students in serving the people of our community and organizations. The focus of our research and scholarly activities advance and promote occupational science and occupational therapy.

Philosophy of the Department of Occupational Therapy

The philosophy of the UNH Department of Occupational Therapy is to provide education that is grounded in our values of occupation, scholarship, innovation, and excellence in practice. We believe that life unfolds through engagement in every day occupations and that the profession of occupational therapy harnesses the transformative power of occupations to promote health and well-being. Our curriculum emphasizes the critical analysis of information and embeds evidence-based practices that are informed by systematic inquiry and the scholarly advancement of knowledge. Our students learn to embrace innovative practices that are deeply rooted in the client-centered tenets of our profession. Critically, we nurture our students to become next-generation leaders and advocates who are poised to promote the furture health and well-being of our community and the global population.   

Philosophy of Education

Our program recognizes that education is built on theoretical foundations that promote experiential and reflective learning for knowledge and skill development in traditional and emerging practice settings. The curriculum embodies our beliefs of the transformative power of occupation on health and well-being. Our innovative and evidence-based instructional practices afford students opportunities to engage in leadership roles within the community and experience inter-professional education. Our dynamic curriculum and teaching philosophy nurtures and transforms students into confident professionals and leaders within the field of occupational therapy. 

Strategic Plan