Public Health and Health Promotion

The Institute for Health Policy and Practice's efforts in the area Public Health and Health Promotion encourages the use of evidence-based practice and policy to improve the population's health and well-being.

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Projects and Initiatives

This collaboration between the NH Division of Public Health Services, Maternal and Child Health Section (MCHS) and IHPP supports a doctoral level State Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist. The arrangement benefits both institutions. It provides MCHS an epidemiologic evidence for the development, implementation, and evaluation of MCH programs and the capacity for sophisticated analysis and evaluation of health data to assure:

  • Priorities are based on accurate data.
  • Resources are allocated based on need.
  • Programs are monitored and evaluated to assure they are improving health behavior and outcomes.

UNH benefits in that its faculty has a practical and current understanding of the status of maternal and child health and public health in New Hampshire. 

Resources and Publications

Million Hearts Manual
Million Hearts Manual


The ten chapters of this manual include easy to follow, pragmatic steps to implement a comprehensive approach to hypertension care originally developed by CMC/DHK. This approach was successful in improving hypertension control for the greater Keene community, and was successfully replicated in the communities of Manchester and Nashua. The first seven steps are best implemented sequentially, whereas steps eight through ten can be undertaken anytime, as they involve patient and community engagement. However, considering that each medical practice and community is unique, the steps can be customized to accommodate the distinct degree of readiness or available resources.

Million Hearts Manual