Full-time Preschool 1 Classroom

Preschool 1 Classroom

15 children, 3-4 year olds (typically 34 months at the beginning of the CSDC school year) with 3 full-time teachers.

Preschool 1 Classroom Family Packet

The Classroom Family Packet (sent to you in August) contains information from your child’s teachers about the philosophy, schedule, curriculum, and classroom practices of the classroom that builds on to the CSDC Family Handbook.

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Classroom Teachers

  • Chelsea Berge

    Early Childhood Teacher i
    I graduated from Rivier University in May 2014 with my B.A. in Human Development, Early Childhood Education and General Special Education. I currently hold my NH teaching certification in both Early Childhood and General Special Education. CSDC has been a part of my educational journey thought out my life. As a child I attended CSDC beginning in the infant room and continuing through the kindergarten program. I also have worked as a teaching assistant in the infant through kindergarten programs... Read More
  • Sarah Leonard

    Early Childhood Teacher ii
    I began my professional career at CSDC in the Toddler room in the summer of 2000 and now teach in the Preschool 1 Program. I have also taught through the UNH's Division of Continuing Education and presented at classes in the Family Studies Department and at workshops. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Family Studies with a Young Child concentration and certification to teach Nursery School and Kindergarten in 2000. I hold credentials as a NH Master Teacher and... Read More

Time: Activity:
7:30 CSDC Opens
7:30-8:30 Provocations
8:30-9:00 Group Snack
9:00-10:00 Outside
10:15-10:45 Morning Meeting
10:45-11:45 Provocations
11:45-12:25 Lunch
12:30-3:00 Rest
2:00-3:30 Afternoon Snack / Quiet Choices
4:00-4:45 Outside

Books/Pick up

5:20 Final Pick up
5:30 CSDC Closed

Preschool 1's Daily Schedule is subject to change due to weather or children's needs 


Girl looking at flower with magnifying glass

We believe that children learn by doing. Interacting with their environmant is critical to the exploration and discovery of the world around them. Children by nature are curious about their environmant and engage in inquiry in a variety of ways: asking questions, trial and error and experimenting with the world around them. We believe that when children's natural foundation of curiosity and inquiry are supported through opportunities to re-visit and re-evaluate a learning experience, new information is generated and discovered.

Children learn from the physical environment surrounding them as well as peers and adults with whom they interact. We are here to provide a safe, loving, nuturing and rich environment where children explore, grow and learn. Throughout their time in the Preschool I classroom much attention is focused on the development of social/emotional skills, self-help skills and the development of autonmy. Even while children search for independence, they also ask for guidance and benefit from boundaries and limits.


Our program is designed to provide children a variety of opportunities to work independently and in both small and large groups. While we respect a child's need for space and ÒaloneÓ tim, we come together in large groups for morning meeting, story time, large motor movement activities and project work. Children are encouraged to work together at these times and depend upon one another for assistance. When disagreements emerge we encourage them to problem solve together and guide them through the process. To suppoet this process, a teacher is always available for help.

A daily schedule frames the program day yet times are flexible. Since routines and consistency are important to preschoolers, a schedule is provided so children can predict the next part of the day.


(Goals and Objectives)

To provide the children with many opportunities to experience all areas of development with the availability of a wide variety of materials both typical and unique.

  • Children will develop a reperatoire of avenues to problem solve, negotiate, initiate and collaborate.
  • Children will work towards becoming more independent in making choices, expressing thought and ideas and managing self-help skills.
  • Children will experience technology through the use of a Mac computer, utilizing the mouse to use the cursor.
  • Children will document their questions, theories and discoveries using a variety of mediums such as clay, wire, pictures, print and many more.
  • Early literacy is experienced daily through the use of books and other print available in the classroom. Through the use of books children discover that words and pictures tell a story. Children exhibit early literacy by holding books in the upright position, turning pages from right to left, proceeding in a right to left progression when following pictures and words.
  • Children will engage in solitary, parallel and co-operative play, moving towards more co-operative play in the Spring.
  • Children will be supported in letter recognition and sound/symbol association through books, games, puzzles and songs.
  • Children will understand and follow 2-3 part directions increasing in complexity throughout the year. Completion of tasks is encouraged, putting closure to an activity or job.
  • Children will engage in various sensorial explorations involving one or more of the five senses.