How to Apply to Human Development and Family Studies Programs

Internal Transfer Students - How to Apply

Are you a UNH undergraduate student?

Undergraduate students at UNH who have not declared a major or wish to transfer into HDFS from another UNH bachelor's degree program should apply directly through the HDFS Department.

Students who wish to apply to the B.S program should complete the application form by October 1st for Fall semester and March 1st for Spring semester. 

Application to Transfer to HDFS form

HDFS Undergraduate Concentrations:

Human Development and Family Studies has three undergraduate concentrations to choose from: 

  • Child Development focuses on infancy through childhood with an emphasis on learning, education, and developmentally-appropriate practices and activities.
  • Family Support focuses on development within the context of families, close relationships, and communities.
  • Lifespan Development focuses on understanding and supporting development across the entire lifespan.

HDFS Concentrations

Human Development and Family Studies Major (B.S.)

Students enrolled at the Thompson School of Applied Science (or in any other associate degree program) should apply through the Office of Admissions.

For more information, contact Jill Trumbell at

Are you an external undergraduate student transferring to UNH?

Undergraduate students enrolled at institutions other than UNH should apply for transfer admission through the Office of Admissions.