Undergraduate Program

In UNH's Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, you’ll learn from faculty who serve as facilitators and mentors within a supportive, scholarly environment and you'll develop high quality clinical and problem-solving skills in our innovative nursing lab. You'll also gain valuable hands-on experience through clinical experiences and internships offered at area hospitals and community health agencies, and through research opportunities at home and abroad,. The undergraduate nursing program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Standards have been established to provide guidance to students as to skills and abilities required to function successfully in the program and ultimately in the profession of nursing. Each student must be able to meet the technical standards of performance necessary for the practice of nursing for admission and progression in the program of study. Students must be able to meet the following technical standards with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Ability to assess patient needs and to understand instructions, emergency signals and telephone conversation.
  • Ability to observe patients, manipulate equipment, and interpret data. Ability to ensure a safe environment, identify color changes, read fine print/writing and calculate fine calibrations.
  • Ability to express and exchange information and ideas and to interact with patients, family, physicians, peers and other ancillary medical personnel.
  • Ability to practice with frequent interruptions, to respond appropriately in an emergency or unexpected situation, and to successfully adapt to extreme variations in workload and stress levels.
  • Ability to perform the following physical activities: handling, lifting, and operating equipment frequently moving, lifting, and transferring patients; and performing CPR.

After May 1st and before July 1st sophomores, juniors, and seniors must submit required documents as instructed in the Department of Nursing.  Expiration dates cannot occur during the academic year. 

If documentation is received after July 1st and up to August 1st, the student will be required to pay a late fee of $100.  If documentation is received after August 1st and up to August 15th, the student will be required to pay a second late fee of $100.  If documentation is not received by August 15th, the student will be required to drop all nursing courses and cannot participate in any clinical hours.  If a student subsequently submits all required documentation, the student will be required to pay the July 1 and August 1 late fees.

  • Submit Department of Nursing clinical documentation form with positive titre for mumps, measles, rubella and chicken pox signed by primary care provider;
  • Proof of Tdap immunization within the last ten years; if Tdap is older than ten years, submit proof of Tdap and Td booster;
  • Proof of positive Hepatitis B titre.  If Hepatitis B titre is negative, the student must repeat series and submit written documentation.  If a student is in the process of receiving the series and cannot demonstrate a positive HBV, a letter from healthcare provider must be submitted as above by July 1.
  • Proof of 2-step PPD results done yearly and if positive PPD, one chest X-ray with written documentation of no active disease yearly. Students who have had the BCG vaccine or who are allergic to the PPD test, may arrange with their PCP for a qualified lab to administer the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test (QFT-G).  It is not available in all areas.  A two-step PPD may be required.
  • Flu vaccine documentation by October 15 yearly;
  • Proof of physical exam within 12 months of first day of class and yearly thereafter;
  • CPR through the American Heart Association at the Basic Life Support Provider level only;
  • Criminal background report via approved, online agency and New Hampshire State Police, regardless of residency;
  • Submit Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services State Registry Consent Form (BEAS);
  • NHCCP training between August 1 and August 15 yearly which includes education on blood borne pathogens; and
  • Drug and alcohol testing by approved vendor on assigned date and time; random testing thereafter; and further testing, if there is reasonable suspicion or the student is unable to supply testable sample, at the student's expense.

Nursing Tours

The Department of Nursing in conjunction with the Office of Admissions offers UNH campus and Nursing Department tours on selects days throughout the year, including summer.  Registration is required.  Remember to register for both a UNH campus tour and a Nursing Department tour separately.

Shadow a Nursing Student

Students who have been admitted to the UNH undergraduate Nursing Program may request to shadow a current undergraduate nursing student, attending the student's nursing classes on the UNH Durham campus on a space-available basis.  Nursing classes are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We are unable to extend shadow experience at any clinical agency.  One admitted undergraduate nursing student is paired with a current undergraduate nursing student.  Requests are made through the Nursing Department patricia.puccilli@unh.edu. Due to demand, only admitted undergraduate nursing students may participate.