Find out what makes the sport management major at UNH a great choice

The sport management major is awesome! I could not ask for a better major here. What really got me into it is just becoming part of sports. I want to be able to make dreams come true, make memories happen for people. Just seeing that sport management, especially in the professional level, that's what I want to achieve and that's what I'm pursuing here at UNH.

The professors here are outstanding. I could not ask for a better UNH staff here, and personnel. The people here that guide you are mentors throughout your life and they really help you find areas on campus where you can improve your skills, whether that might be communication skills or just getting to know other people on campus. 

After graduation, I hope to become an inside sales representative for either professional team or a minor league team, preferably in hockey. I've played hockey all my life and I would love to do that in the future, be a part of sales and really get that customer relations experience, and that's something I'm really striving for.

Get everything you can, don't just sit around and wait for something to happen. You need to go out there and take it. So when applications come around you were first in line for that and they can look at your name and be like, "He's ready to go, let's give him the opportunity," and that's how that's how I hope every undergraduate here at UNH aspires to be.