Outdoor Education Undergraduate Research

skyline with pine trees, snow, clouds, and mountains

Students pursuing the Honors designation are encouraged to seek support through the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research.  Several forms of support exist:

  1. Undergraduate Research Awards: Students may apply for grants to support research expenses associated with their thesis up to $600.
  2. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) or International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) grants: Honors students are encouraged to begin their research the summer before their senior year via one of these grants.  This gives them the opportunity to travel to research sites to which they could not go during the academic year, and it enables them to do a more in-depth projects than if it is confined to one semester or one academic year.  SURF and IROP have different deadlines and award different size grants.
  3. INCO 590/790: A good way for students to do some preparatory work in their junior year, develop research techniques, and explore a topic before they write an honors thesis proposal.  INCO 790 is designed as an advanced-level experience.
  4. Honor Thesis Grants: This is a rolling application for students who are doing their thesis and find that they have expenses they did not anticipate or an opportunity arises that would enhance their thesis results but which entails expenses (travel to a research site, sending out more surveys, etc.).  These grants provide up to $150.