Undergraduate Forms

General Forms
Concentration Worksheets

For concentration descriptions and requirement, visit Concentration Descriptions (found under Program Descriptions)

Internship Forms

For information regarding our Internship Programs, visit HDFS Internship Information

        Family Internship
        Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Program
Independent Study and Supervised Practicum

Students must contact Dr. Kerry Jankins prior to enrolling in these practicums.

Honors in Major Forms
Minor Forms

Minors do not require an HDFS Advisor.  Once you have completed the minor course requirements, complete the appropriate form below and deliver to the HDFS Office for signature. To learn more about our Minors, click here

All forms can be emailed to the department via Nataliya Anderson, nataliya.anderson@unh.edu, or hand delivered to Pettee Hall, Rm 218B where they will be forwarded to the appropriate person.