How to Apply to RMP

Undergraduate Admission

New students admitted to UNH may declare the Recreation Management & Policy major upon entering UNH. Once you declare the major, you will be assigned an academic faculty advisor who will work with you throughout your course of study. Your advisor will consult with you during course registration, serve as a resource for internship placement, and be available to you as the need arises. We take great pride in the mentor relationships that develop within our department and our students often comment on the investment in students and commitment of our faculty. Visit the Admissions Office to apply to the  Recreation Management and Policy Major.

Graduate Admission

The Department of Recreation Management and Policy offers the master of science degree in recreation management and policy with options in recreation administration or therapeutic recreation administration. Contact Patti Craig for any questions about the RMP graduate program.

Click here for more information the RMP Graduate Program.

Visit the Graduate School for more information and to start your application.

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Recreation Management and Policy  

The RMP major has two options, Therapeutic Recreation, and Program and Event Management. Internal transfer students should obtain major and option materials from the Department of Recreation Management and Policy. Informational materials are available online (TR Option, PEM Option) or may be picked up in the RMP office in room 108 of Hewitt Hall. After reading over the materials students should apply online.

If you are a current UNH student you may complete your online application here

Application Deadlines

Program and Event Management: this option prepares students for supervisory or middle management positions and emphasizes planning, leadership, and administrative concepts in settings such as youth sport organizations, recreation resource management, business and entrepreneurial recreation, municipal recreation, campus recreation, residential communities, festivals and events planning, employee services recreation, recreational sports agencies, youth service agencies and resorts. You must maintain a 2.50 semester GPA once admitted into the RMP: PEM Option. Admission decisions are made after the student completes the online application process and has a meeting with the PEM option coordinator. If you have questions about the Program and Event Management Option please contact Sean McLaughlin.

To apply to the Recreation Management and Policy, Program and Event Management Option please complete the online transfer application form RMP-Transfer-Application.

PEM Transfer applications are accepted throughout the year and decisions are made on a rolling admission basis.

Therapeutic Recreation:

Internal transfer applications are accepted online throughout the year and admissions decisions are made once each semester, deadlines for applications are December 1st and March 15th at 5:00.

The Therapeutic Recreation Option prepares students for work primarily in clinical, allied health facilities such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental health programs, and extended care facilities as well as inclusive community recreation programs. 

Admission decisions are based upon the content of the online application as well as a personal interview with the TR Option Coordinator. You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 to be considered for admission into the major and it is highly recommended that students have completed or are enrolled BMS 507 or  BMS 508 at the time of application.  If you have questions about the Therapeutic Recreation Option, please contact Matt Frye.

Students must apply by 5:00 pm, December 1st for Fall admission or 5:00 pm March 15th for Spring admission. Admission applications received beyond this deadline will be considered for the following admission cycle.

To apply to the Recreation Management and Policy, Therapeutic Recreation Option please complete the online transfer application form: RMP-Transfer-Application.

We ask that you to go through a short informational meeting with the TR Option Coordinator in order to better understand the RMP curriculum and the TR/RT profession prior to acceptance in the major.  We want you to know what you’re getting into and, to be prepared to be an active and satisfied participant in the RMP major. It is strongly recommended that you attend an informational session prior to submitting your application. These informational sessions take place throughout the academic year and may take the form of either group or individual meetings.
To find out the schedule of meetings, please contact Matt Frye.

You will be notified by e-letter of the faculty’s decision regarding your admission.

Already a University Student Looking to Transfer to UNH?

Students interested in transfering to the RMP Major from another university may declare the RMP major upon entering UNH. Visit the admissions office to apply to the RMP major.

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