Faculty Research

The Recreation Management and Policy faculty are actively engaged in both theoretical and applied research projects that help to advance the professional knowledge in recreation and leisure studies, guide professional practice in the field, and enhance student and constituent understanding of recreation and leisure management practices. Faculty are also engaged in a variety of evaluative research projects that assist practitioners in understanding the impact that recreation and leisure programs and services have on their constituents. To this end, the faculty often works in partnership with professional associations, state agencies, campus recreation departments, hospitals and health care facilities, after-school programs, school districts, voluntary sport organizations, health management organizations, public parks and recreation departments, and other community groups in conducting research and evaluation efforts.

RMP faculty are committed to involving both undergraduate and graduate students in their research efforts. The faculty seek to engage students through the research process, as research and evaluation is a critical competency for RMP graduates, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are encouraged to seek out faculty members who share their interests to explore potential research opportunities.

General areas where RMP faculty research expertise can be found include municipal parks and recreation, health promotion and health protection interventions, therapeutic recreation in schools and communities, youth development, recreational and youth sport management, outdoor recreation resources management, festivals and events, and student professional development. Specific areas of research expertise for RMP faculty can be found on the Faculty portion of the website.

The Recreation Management and Policy Department is engaged in applied research that improves the quality of people's lives and enhances the quality of the communities in which we live. This research is led by the RMP Faculty who encourage  both undergraduate and graduate students to participate in developing and sharing this knowledge.

Faculty research has received funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Institute for Disability Rehabilitation Research, the UNUM Foundation, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Land and Water Conservation Fund and the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning. In addition to these funded research efforts our faculty and students act as collaborative partners with many communities, agencies and schools to improve and evaluate services throughout the New England Region.

Applied Recreation Research Collaborative