All RMP majors must complete at least one field based practicum (RMP 563) prior to their internship (RMP 663). Once students have registered for RMP 563, they complete 45 - 50 hours of on-site work experience at an approved practicum site. The purpose of the practicum is to provide students with opportunities to observe and practice organizational and leadership skills relevant to the delivery of recreation and/or therapeutic recreation services. The practicum can be completed in a variety of diverse settings.

We hope that the practicum database will assist you in your search for a placement that meets your needs. The sites identified in the data base have served as placement sites for past RMP students. While these agencies/programs do not guarantee placement, they have been receptive to providing student learning experiences in the past. Students should practice professional courtesy and responsibility throughout their contact and interactions with practicum sites.

The practicum data base is provided as a resource for students, and is offered as an initial starting point for students to begin their search for a placement. It is not intended to limit students in their search for an appropriate practicum experience. Students often are aware of programs or facilities that will provide excellent learning opportunities and are encouraged to submit these new sites to the RMP 563 professor for approval. The responsibility is ultimately the student's to find the right fit.

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