Honors in Major

Students are required to maintain an overall 3.40 grade-point average and a 3.40 grade-point average in major coursework.

Requirement Course(s)
Students must successfully complete three of the following courses:                                                                                       SW 601H (required): Research Methods in Social Work (4 cr.)
SW 622: Social Work Practice I (4 cr.)
SW 623: Social Work Practice II (4 cr.)
SW 625: Social Welfare Policy in the Global Context (4cr.)
SW 697/797: Special Topics
SW 701: Women and Aging (4 cr.)
SW 705: Child Welfare: Policies, Programs, and Practice
SW 706: Social Action in the Dominican Republic
SW 711: Social Work and Mental Illness (4 cr.)
SW 712: Social Work and Developmental Disabilities (4 cr.)
SW 713: School Social Work
SW 714: Drugs and Alcohol: Use, Misuse, and Addiction (4 cr.)
SW 715: Practice with the GLBTQ Population
Students must also successfully complete:

SW 797–798, Honors Thesis (6 cr. over two semesters).

Typically, the thesis will be developed in conjunction with the Senior Field Internship. The department honors committee will review thesis proposals, assign a thesis adviser, and review the written thesis. Students will present their completed work at a department honors colloquium.

Please visit the Social Work departments forms page to download the Honors course contract and other forms related to the Honors program.

For questions regarding the Honors program, please contact Tarkington Newman, tarkington.newman@unh.edu