University Engagement

CACL is vigorously engaged in University of New Hampshire activities throughout the academic year. Through CACL's project work, CACL links the university to the community. CACL brings current long term care and aging activities and undertakings to the classroom and provides experiential learning opportunities for students. For more information about CACL's university engagement activities or to become involved, contact CACL faculty fellow Allison Wilder.

A group of young women clap in the audience at an Age of Champions event

Age of Champions Health and Wellness Fair

CACL is an educational license holder of the award-winning documentary, "Age of Champions," and regularly hosts events with university partners. These events are aimed at educating the university community as well as the public on what it means to actively age.

Age of Champions is an annual FREE health fair hosted by the Center on Aging and Community Living that endeavors to raise awareness of and promote healthy aging from a holistic perspective. 

There is something for all ages at the Age of Champions event. 

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Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor (GERO)

CACL provides development, promotional, and educational support to the GERO minor.

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Masters in Social Work (MSW) Internship Placement

CACL is a unique internship opportunity for MSW students who are interested in a policy development, research and community organizing surrounding aging and community living.

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Research Affinity Groups

The Research Affinity Groups are based in the College of Health and Human Services. The Research Affinity Group focused on aging brings together faculty and staff with common interests in how connections between scholarly and community-based work can advance our understanding of and support for healthy aging in an individual’s community of choice. Research includes a care-receiver assessment, a study of the use of iPads by caregivers, and research exploring factors that influence the health and wellness of individuals living in subsidized senior housing.

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