Anti-racism Statement

“Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind” -Donne

Recent events have compelled us as a department to examine and take action against the multifaceted nature of racism in the United States. Racism is dehumanizing to everyone it touches.

Social Work holds a longstanding value of upholding and working toward social justice for all peoples. We are a caring community, welcoming and respecting of diversity and working for social justice on campus and in the world. We must examine racism beyond the actions of individuals, for it is embedded in the very fabric of our society.

We acknowledge that racism can be unconscious or unintentional, and that identifying racism as an issue does not automatically mean those involved in the act are racist or intended the negative impact. As an anti-racism organization we vow to purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of race and color and the impact(s) they have on our organization, its systems, and its people. We will also challenge ourselves to understand and correct any inequities we may discover and gain a better understanding of ourselves during this purposeful process.

We are resolved to explicitly and publicly affirm our identity as an anti-racist academic department.

We are resolved that our anti-racism commitment be reflected in the life and culture of the department through our policies, programs and practices as we continue to learn about racism. 

We resolve to develop and work to implement strategies that dismantle racism within all aspects of our department, college, university, and society.