Kinesiology (Minor)

Kinesiology (Minor)
Kinesiology student

Course codes have changed for many Kinesiology courses. Download the new course codes.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in exercise and rehabilitation, health and physical education, health sciences,and sport management and leadership. The minor will help prepare you for careers in areas such as health and fitness education, sports medicine and rehabilitation. The program complements a range of majors, from biology to education to recreation management and policy, broadening your career opportunities.

Why study kinesiology at UNH?

As a student in the kinesiology minor at UNH,you will graduate well-prepared for a future in health-and fitness-related fields. You’ll have access to the3,500-square-foot Robert Kertzer Exercise Physiology Laboratory, which boasts metabolic, cardiopulmonary, biochemistry, vascular and environmental facilities. You’ll gain valuable,hands-on experience while working with the university Employee Fitness Program and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. In addition, the University Advising Center’s Pre-Professional Health Program helps those intending to apply to health-related professional schools such as medical school, physician assistant programs, chiropractic or homeopathic medicine, or physical therapy.

Potential careers

  • Athletic trainer
  • Chiropractor
  • Clinical exercise physiologist
  • Exercise science researcher
  • Fitness instructor
  • Nurse
  • Personal trainer
  • Physician
  • Physician assistant
  • Physical therapist
  • Strength and conditioning coach

Curriculum & Requirements

The Department of Kinesiology offers an interdisciplinary curriculum for nonmajors, which is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge of human movement and sport sciences. The minor consists of courses offered by several options within the department.

Minor Requirements

Credits towards the minor come from courses in EXSC, HPE, HS, KIN, and/or SML.

No more than 6 of the 20 credits may be in activity or coaching courses.

Must have a C- (or better) in all graded courses. Pass/Fail option may NOT be used. Courses designated Credit/Fail MAY be used.

No more than 8 credits may satisfy BOTH major and minor requirements.

Please note:  The designation of the completed minor will be "Kinesiology" which means students may create an emphasis in a particular area (i.e. Exercise Science, Health Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Sport Management and Leadership) or take classes from multiple areas in Kinesiology. For other minors in the Kinesiology area, please see here (

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What about prerequisites?
Make sure that you check the necessary prerequisites for a desired course - for example, BMS 507-508 is a prerequisite for KIN 620 and 652. 

If I minor in Kinesiology, can I take any Kinesiology courses I want?
No, certain KIN courses are NOT open to minors. Be sure that you check well in advance before you "count on" taking a specific course of interest. 

Who approves my minor?
For Kinesiology Minor advisor's signature, see Professor Karen Collins, Department Chair, in New Hampshire Hall:

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