Scott McNamara

Assistant Professor
Office: UNH Kinesiology, New Hampshire Hall, Durham, NH 03824
Scott McNamara Profile

Dr. Scott McNamara is an assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire who teaches physical education and adapted physical education (APE) courses. Dr. McNamara is originally from Detroit, Mich., and has experience as both an adapted physical educator and special educator. In addition, Dr. McNamara has developed the “What’s New in APE” podcast which provides insight into the profession through interviews with panels of APE professionals. The podcast provides easily accessible updates and best practices regarding the APE profession. Dr. McNamara received his Ph.D. from Texas Woman’s University, where he examined how to use podcasts to impact special education administrators’ understanding of APE. Dr. McNamara’s research interests include: improving awareness of the importance of APE, podcasting, educational leadership, and best practices for the dissemination of knowledge pertinent to APE.


  • Ph.D., Texas Woman'S Univ
  • M.Ed., Wayne State University
  • B.S., Wayne State University

Research Interests

  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Persons with Disabilities - Services For
  • Physical Education
  • Podcast

Courses Taught

  • 500: Intro to Health and PE
  • 570: Elementary PE Practicum
  • 610: Elementary PE Pedagogy
  • 655: Middle/Sec PE Pedagogy
  • 694D: Supervised Teaching/Kinesiolgy
  • 781/881: Inclusion in PE

Selected Publications

McNamara, S., Townsley, M., & Hangauer, K. (2022). School Administrators and Physical Educators: A Scoping Review of Perceptions and Partnerships From 2000 to 2020. Journal of School Leadership, 32(2), 186-217. doi:10.1177/1052684621990618

W T. McNamara, S., Rizzo, T., & Townsley, M. (2021). School Administrators’ Intentions to Promote Adapted Physical Education. NASSP Bulletin, 105(4), 276-292. doi:10.1177/01926365211045459

McNamara, S. W. T., Lieberman, L., Weiner, B., & McMullen, B. (2021). Discussing adapted physical education during IEP meetings: First-hand parent experiences and a supporting tool. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS, 21(4), 302-311. doi:10.1111/1471-3802.12528

Townsley, M., Waldron, J., Alborn-Yilek, S., Schares, D., Huckstadt, K., McNamara, S., & Gute, D. (2021). School Administrators' Experiences in a 6-Month Health and Wellness Community of Practice. JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 91(10), 857-866. doi:10.1111/josh.13073

Moriarty, T., Bourbeau, K., Fontana, F., McNamara, S., & Pereira da Silva, M. (2021). The Relationship between Psychological Stress and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors during COVID-19 among Students in a US Midwest University. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH, 18(9). doi:10.3390/ijerph18094752

McNamara, S. W. T., & Haegele, J. M. (2021). Undergraduate students' experiences with educational podcasts to learn about inclusive and integrated physical education. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION REVIEW, 27(1), 185-202. doi:10.1177/1356336X20932598

McNamara, S. W. T., Becker, K. A., Weigel, W., Marcy, P., & Haegele, J. (2019). Influence of Attentional Focus Instructions on Motor Performance Among Adolescents With Severe Visual Impairment. PERCEPTUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS, 126(6), 1145-1157. doi:10.1177/0031512519869090

Most Cited Publications