ACE First-Year Experience


The ACE First Year Experience within the College of Health and Human Services is committed to creating an environment that supports academic success during the transition from high school to college. This comprehensive program offers personalized academic and career advising, assisting students in navigating a wealth of academic and co-curricular resources. It also focuses on the development of crucial skills like active learning, reflection, and decision-making, while encouraging exploration of diverse major and career possibilities. This first year experience fosters a strong sense of community, belonging, and active involvement within CHHS and the broader UNH community.

ACE Three Tier Approach 


Academic Advising

Each First-Year CHHS student is assigned to a professional advisor within either the Undeclared program or their declared major. The academic advisor will meet with each students regularly during the semester to provide guidance through the academic portion of their first year at UNH. 

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Peer Mentoring

Each CHHS First-Year student is assigned to an ACE mentor who has completed a minimum of one year at UNH. The mentors are associated with the HHS 401 seminar as well and will meet weekly with their assigned students to maintain a strong connection and relationship.

Career Engagement

The CaPS Team provides specialized career support to the College of Health and Human Services as well as instruct the HHS 402 - Foundations of Career and Professional Success seminar that runs during the spring semester.

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All first-year CHHS students will be enrolled in the following two seminar style courses run by the ACE Team Staff. 

HHS 401

The CHHS first semester seminar is a transformative first-year experience designed to empower students with the skills and resources they need for a successful transition to college. This one credit course aims to foster a vibrant community of learners by helping them explore diverse major and career opportunities while building a strong foundation for their academic journey at UNH.

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HHS 402

The Foundations of Career and Professional Success seminar will guide CHHS students as they identify ways to self-reflect and build experience to become well rounded applicants for experiential learning, graduate school, and future careers. An emphasis will be placed on identifying robust ways to build transferable skills through activities beyond the classroom. 

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