Forms and Petitions

Please submit all forms to unless otherwise indicated.

Petition and form descriptions

This form should be used for:

  • Dropping a course after the drop deadline
  • Withdrawing from a course after the deadline
  • Adding a course after the deadline
  • Variance needs regarding to degreeworks

This is not an exhaustive list of uses

This form should be used for fonfirming a course will transfer into UNH from another instution and meet the indicated requirements. This form should be completed before registering for the course to ensure equilivency. If credit is meant to replace a major requirement, the student's advisor must confirm which UNH Major course the TCR will satisfy. 

A variance in major specific requirements such as:

  • Transfer credit satifying major requirement
  • Approving major requirement subsitutions

This form should be used for confirming the completion of a minor. This should be completed after a student has taken all minor courses. Courses to be taken in the student's final semester should be listed with a notation of "Now Being Taken" in the Grade Received and Credit Hours columns (see form). 

This form must be submitted to show completion of a minor.