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Academic advising is an essential component of the University of New Hampshire's educational experience. Within the College of Health and Human Services, academic advising is a collaborative process between students and advisors. The primary goal of advising is to support students in achieving academic success and personal development by providing them with the necessary information, resources, and guidance.

All UNH students are assigned an academic advisor upon entering the university. Academic advisors can be professional staff members or faculty members who are trained to help students understand degree requirements, explore majors, and develop academic plans that align with their interests, goals, and values.


You can find your advisor using various UNH platforms:


  • Degreeworks (access through Webcat)
  • In the top block of your DegreeWorks, you should see your adviosr listed 
  • MyWildcat Success
    • On the right side under your photo and Student Info, you should see your Success Team listed with your advisor's name and a link to their email. 
  • Webcat 
    • Under the Student Records tab, select View Major and Advisor

Your advisor can help with:


  • Major exploration
  • Course registration 
  • Academic planning 
  • Minors and cognates
  • Academic support
  • Connecting you with appropriate resources

And much more! Reach out to your advisor with questions and concerns you have and if we can't help you directly, we will refer you to someone who can. 

All first year CHHS students are assigned to a professional advisor whose focus is supporting students through their transition into college. 


Professional advisors are university staff members specializing in guiding and supporting students throughout their academic journey. They possess comprehensive knowledge of academic programs, university policies, and resources. These advisors build relationships with students, offering holistic support and assisting with academic planning, course selection, and graduation requirements. They connect students to campus resources and handle administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth academic experience.

Students will be transitioned to a faculty advisor at the start of their sophomore or junior year.

Faculty advisors are members of the university faculty who provide academic guidance and mentorship within their specific academic departments. With expertise in their respective fields, they offer insights into discipline-specific courses, research opportunities, and career paths. Faculty advisors can also help shape the curriculum within their department, provide research mentorship, and share networking opportunities within the academic field. Their academic mentorship and discipline-specific knowledge empower students to excel in their chosen areas of study and explore future career directions.

To see your most up to date UNH schedule

  • Navigate to WebCat
  • Hover over the Registration tab
  • Select Student Detail Schedule or View Printable Schedule
  • Select Term and submit

How to make an appointment in myWildCat Success:

  • Log into MyWildcat Success
  • On the student homepage, select “Schedule an Appointment"
  • Select "College or Major specific advising" for the type of appointment
  • Select "CHHS” from the College/Group drop down menu
  • Choose appointment type from the drop down menu and select next
  • Select “CHHS Advising” from the drop down menu
  • Choose your advisor and select next
  • Find an available time slot that works with your schedule and select next
  • Confirm Appointment (you must complete this process to schedule an appointment)

Academic and Career Engagement

All first year CHHS students are a part of the ACE First-Year experience program. This opportunity offers tailored academic advising, peer mentoring, and a full year of resource seminars to help ease the transition from high school to college. Upon enrolling with UNH, students will be paired with an ACE Mentor that is either in their major or a Mentor working with the CHHS Undelcared students. 

CHHS Undeclared students have a unique seminar where they will learn about each major within the college and receive guided support while determining what major is the best fit for them. 

Click here to learn more about the ACE First-Year experience

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Additional Student Resources