Lifetime Activity Program

Earn course credits for being active! Lifetime Activity Program courses provide a fun, low risk way to learn new activities and skills that will stick with you for a lifetime. Each course is worth 2 credits and runs 8 weeks.
Lifetime Activity Program courses are open to all UNH students!
For more information and to register, contact the LAP Coordinator Lauren Ferguson at

Lifetime Activity Program
Spring 2020 Courses

* Please note course names are now coded as "LAP" not "HHS."

Intro to Martial Arts (LAPS 501-E01): This course will introduce students to training in traditional Asian Martial Arts. We will discuss and practice technical aspects taken from Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido, and work to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness.   

Intro to Running (LAPS 501-D01): Learn the basics of how to run for fitness and overall wellbeing. This course will cover everything from how to choose the right running shoe to preparing for a 5k running race and beyond. Class time will be spent running outdoors. 

Pickleball (LAPS 501-A01/A02): Participate in a fun sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. 

Strength Training (LAPS 501-C01/C02)Improve your fitness and learn how to safely strengthen the whole body. 

Ultimate Frisbee (LAPS 501-B01/B02): Learn to play ultimate frisbee, “player defined and controlled non-contact team sport played with a flying disc on a playing surface with end zones in which all actions are governed by the ‘Spirit of the Game'.” 

Winter Hiking/Snowshoeing (LAPS 501-F01): Learn how to enjoy the outdoors during the winter through hiking and snowshoeing. Class time will be spent outdoors learning how to stay warm and increase physical fitness while in the beautiful New Hampshire snow. 

Yoga/Meditation (LAPS 501-H01): Learn the lifelong skills of yoga and meditation, and how to practice different variations of yoga and meditation. You will gain skills in relaxation and mindful movement.