Course Registration

Please see the below information to help answer your questions and problem solve any issues you are experiencing during your registration period.

For additional registration questions and assistance, please reach out to your assigned academic advisor or

Helpful registration information

All students at UNH have a unique Registration Access Code (RAC) assigned to them each fall and spring registration periods. This RAC is linked both to you and your specific registration time. You will not be able to register for courses in the upcoming semester without this code.

To receive your RAC you must meet with your assigned academic advisor. After this meeting, you can access your RAC in webcat using the following steps:

  1. Webcat
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select View RAC
  4. Select the upcoming registration term 

If you have not met with your advisor to receive your RAC, please schedule an appointment in MyWildcat Success

  1. Navigate to Webcat
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Add/Drop Courses
  4. Select Term (ex: Spring 2024) and Submit
  5. Enter your RAC which was activated by your advisor at your meeting
  6. Enter the five digit course reference numbers (CRN) at the bottom of the page, or select Class Search
  7. Select Submit Changes
  8. For a printout of your schedule; choose Printable Schedule. Type in the date for the first full week of classes

A step by step visual process

There are two ways to look for courses at UNH

Using the Course Search function on the UNH website. This method will not show you if the course or section is full. 

  1. Select the appropriate semester and campus
  2. Search by course title, course number, subject, or discovery category
  3. View course description, time, room, 

Using the Look Up Classes function on Webcat. This method shows the open and available seats in a course for the upcoming semester. This is especially helpful during the registration period.

  1. Webcat
  2. Select the Registration tab
  3. Select Look Up Classes
  4. Select the appropriate term 
  5. Select a Subject ​​​​​​OR Advanced Search

Advanced Search instructions

How to view open seats in WebCat

Follow these instructions to view open seats in a course section: How to search for seats in WebCat

You will meet with your assigned academic advisor to receive the time and date of your registration period. 

Please check the registrar's website for information regarding Summer and January Term registration dates. 

  • Link Error: A2 Required: Must register for a lecture AND a lab and/or recitation. 
  • Closed Section or Reserve Closed:  No space remains in this section at this time. Check for other open sections by clicking Class Search at the bottom of the page. RESV column must have a number greater than zero.
  • Major Restriction: This section is reserved for students already in a specific major. Check Course Search to see if other sections exist for non-majors.
  • CORQ_(class) REQ: You must register for two classes. See Course Search for more information.
  • Permission Required: You must have permission from either the department or the instructor. Check Course Search for details.

Certain holds on accounts will prohibit registration.

View holds in Webcat under the Registration menu.

Contact for assistance with:

  • Overdue Account Balance
  • Reg Hold - UNCLEAR Status

Contact for assistance with:

  • Perkins/Inst Loan Default
  • Direct Loan Exit Counseling