Research By Departments & Institutes

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Research in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is conducted in the field as well as a state-of-the-art laboratory, in areas including social communication, traumatic brain injury and neurogenic communication, the neuroscience of addiction, apaxia of speech and mindfulness treatment.

CSD Research

Health Management and Policy

Research in the department concerns populations; health care systems and related financial systems; program evaluation; and policy development. 

HMP Research

Human Development & Family Studies

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies is dedicated to generating knowledge through basic and applied research. The ultimate goal of this work is to promote and improve individual (child, adolescent, adult) and family well-being within the community.

HDFS Research

Institute for Health Policy and Practice

The Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP) conducts applied research in five focal areas: Delivery System and Payment Reform, Health Analytics and Informatics, Health Law and Policy, Long Term Care and Aging, and Public Health and Health Promotion. IHPP conducts and disseminates high-quality, cutting-edge applied research and policy work that enables health system partners to implement evidence-based strategies to improve population health.

IHPP Research

Institute on Disability

The IOD makes significant contributions to the body of knowledge related to disability through its research and evaluation. Whether faculty and staff are collecting and analyzing data, facilitating focus groups, conducting model demonstration projects, or evaluating project outcomes, IOD research is informing the services, systems, and policies that positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities.

IOD Research


Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology conduct research to promote understanding of physicial activitiy and movement, health education, adventure therapy, and the physical and psychological culture of sport. 

Kinesiology Research


The field of nursing has grown exponentially due to changes in health care delivery systems, technology, and medical treatments. Nursing research is wide-ranging and encompasses the methodologies of both social and medical science research.

Nursing Research

Occupational Therapy

Faculty from the Department of Occupational Therapy engage in scholarly work and research that is of critical importance to furthering the knowledge base related to occupational therapy theory and best practice. Department faculty collaborate with researchers from within and outside the Department, and with researchers from other institutions in the US and abroad to conduct their work.

OT Research

Recreation Management and Policy

Department of Recreation Management and Policy faculty are actively engaged in both theoretical and applied research projects that help to advance the professional knowledge in recreation and leisure studies, guide professional practice in the field, and enhance student and constituent understanding of recreation and leisure management practices.

RMP Research

Social Work

Social work research impacts policy, evidence-based practice approaches, and clinical interventions with many populations. Faculty in the Department of Social Work at UNH conduct research related to adventure therapy, child welfare, the elderly and elder abuse, interpersonal violence, persons with disabilities, schools and educational settings. 

Social Work Research