Nursing Students In Action

On April 25th, eight Sophomore nursing students participated in a fall risk evaluation clinic at the Portsmouth Senior Center to expand their clinical rotation experiences. These students are also currently enrolled in the course, Nursing 601, Care and Well-Being of Older Adults, and are learning about nursing’s role in optimizing function and safety and enhancing quality of life for older adults. The clinic provided an opportunity for students to help seniors understand the factors that contribute to falls and steps to take to reduce risks. Blood pressure, strength, balance, and gait were evaluated using a variety of evidenced-based tools. Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by providing attendees with education and resources for managing blood pressure and fall prevention. The clinic was well received with over 15 seniors signing up, and more walking in. There are plans for future collaborations when students return in the Fall.

The nursing students shared their enthusiasm about experience and what they learned during the clinic debrief, some of the comments shared were:

“It was great to be involved with the local community, to help the older adults assess their fall risk. Everyone who attended was so kind and fun to work with, it was great experience!” --Sanne Cassee (’ 24)

“I really enjoyed being able to see and interact with those in our community. It was a great learning experience to hear their stories and preferences to receiving medical care. -Victoria Harris (’24)

“Working with the older adults was not only a great professional experience, but also lot fun!” It was rewarding . . . we helped give them the tools and knowledge to prevent falls . . .” -Tari Pecevich ( ’24)