Andrea Caoili

Director of Quality Assurance, Center for START Services
Phone: (603) 862-1127
Office: Institute on Disability, 10 West Edge Drive, Durham, NH 03824

Andrea is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 10 years of experience in field of social work. She specializes in serving children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health conditions. Andrea has experience in practicing and training other clinicians in crisis prevention and intervention, systems theory and systemic consultation, the use of positive psychology approaches and effective treatment of mental health issues for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Andrea received her Masters of Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007 and has worked with the START (Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources & Treatment) program since its inception in North Carolina in 2009. She has held positions with in the program including START Coordinator, START Clinical Team Lead as well as NC START Clinical Director. She is an employee of the UNH Institute on Disability/UCED as the Director of Quality Assurance at the National Center for START Services. The Center is a national learning and teaching center for the development of the START model dedicated to evidence-based development and implementation of effective services and supports to individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and behavioral health care needs and their families. In her role at the Center for START Services, Andrea oversees the quality and adherence to fidelity to the START model for all programs across the United States. Andrea also provides technical assistance and training on crisis planning, positive psychology approaches, therapeutic group activities and other clinical services offered by START Programs. In addition to her role as the Director of Quality Assurance, Andrea works on special projects at the Center for START Services including research activities, training curricula development and other new initiatives.


Center for START Services

Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources & Treatment