BoRin Kim

Office: Social Work, Pettee Hall, Durham, NH 03824
BoRin Kim

BoRin Kim, Ph.D. MSW, has research interests in intergenerational relations and support, transitions in physical/cognitive functioning in old-age, social support and mental health in old age, health care utilization, long-term care services, and comparative research. Her recent research includes dynamic linkages between various types of social support (i.e., intergenerational living arrangements, social network types, and ethnic solidarity) and physical/mental health among older adults across diverse social and cultural contexts.


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • M.A., Seoul National University
  • M.S.W., University of Michigan
  • B.A., Yonsei University

Courses Taught

  • GERO 500: I'm Old, So What!
  • SW 850: Human Behavior & Soc Environ I
  • SW 851: Human Behavr & Soc Environ II
  • SW 897: Top/Aging
  • SW 992: Special Projects & Ind Study

Selected Publications

Park, S., Kwon, E., Kim, B., & Han, Y. (2019). Person-Environment Fit Approach to Trajectories of Cognitive Function Among Older Adults Who Live Alone: Intersection of Life-Course SES Disadvantage and Senior Housing.. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci, 74(6), e1-e12. doi:10.1093/geronb/gbz025

Hong, I., Kwon, E., & Kim, B. (2019). Measuring Social Policy Change in Comparative Research: Survey Data Evidence from South Korea. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 21(2), 1-20. doi:10.1080/13876988.2017.1418207

Park, S., Kim, B., & Kwon, E. (2018). The Role of Senior Housing in Hospitalizations Among Vulnerable Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Longitudinal Perspective. GERONTOLOGIST, 58(5), 932-941. doi:10.1093/geront/gnx046

Kang, J., Park, S., Kim, B., Kwon, E., & Cho, J. (n.d.). The Effect of California's Paid Family Leave Program on Employment Among Middle-Aged Female Caregivers. Gerontologist, The.

Kwon, E., Kim, B., Lee, H., & Park, S. (2018). Heterogeneous Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms in Late Middle Age: Critical Period, Accumulation, and Social Mobility Life Course Perspectives. JOURNAL OF AGING AND HEALTH, 30(7), 1011-1041. doi:10.1177/0898264317704540

Park, S., Han, Y., Kim, B., & Dunkle, R. E. (2017). Aging in Place of Vulnerable Older Adults: Person-Environment Fit Perspective. JOURNAL OF APPLIED GERONTOLOGY, 36(11), 1327-1350. doi:10.1177/0733464815617286

Crawford, N. D., Ford, C., Rudolph, A., Kim, B., & Lewis, C. M. (2017). Drug use Discrimination Predicts Formation of High-Risk Social Networks: Examining Social Pathways of Discrimination.. AIDS Behav, 21(9), 2659-2669. doi:10.1007/s10461-016-1639-8

Kim, B., Park, S., Bishop-Saucier, J., & Amorim, C. (2017). Community-Based Services and Depression from Person-Environment Fit Perspective: Focusing on Functional Impairments and Living Alone. JOURNAL OF GERONTOLOGICAL SOCIAL WORK, 60(4), 270-285. doi:10.1080/01634372.2017.1310166

Kim, B., Park, S., & Antonucci, T. C. (2016). Longitudinal changes in social networks, health and wellbeing among older Koreans. AGEING & SOCIETY, 36(9), 1915-1936. doi:10.1017/S0144686X15000811

Park, S., Kim, B., & Kim, S. (2016). Poverty and working status in changes of unmet health care need in old age. HEALTH POLICY, 120(6), 638-645. doi:10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.03.004

Most Cited Publications