BoRin Kim

BoRin Kim

Phone: (603) 862-0274
Office: Social Work, Pettee Hall, Durham, NH 03824

BoRin Kim, Ph.D. MSW, has research interests in intergenerational relations and support, transitions in physical/cognitive functioning in old-age, social support and mental health in old age, health care utilization, long-term care services, and comparative research. Her recent research includes dynamic linkages between various types of social support (i.e., intergenerational living arrangements, social network types, and ethnic solidarity) and physical/mental health among older adults across diverse social and cultural contexts.

Courses Taught

  • GERO 500: I'm Old, So What!
  • HHS 540: Stats for Health Professionals
  • SW 702/802: Aging and Society
  • SW 797/897: SpcTop/Medical Social Work
  • SW 802: Aging and Society
  • SW 850: Human Behavior & Soc Environ I
  • SW 851: Human Behavr & Soc Environ II
  • SW 860: Research Methods in Soc Work
  • SW 897: Top/Aging
  • SW 992: Special Projects & Ind Study


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • M.A., Seoul National University
  • M.S.W., University of Michigan
  • B.A., Yonsei University

Selected Publications

  • Kim, B., Jeong, C. H., Park, S., Golomski, C., Corvini, M., Wilcox, J., . . . Blood, E. (2024). Quality of Life among Low-Income Older Residents in Subsidized Senior Housing: Rural vs. Suburban Comparisons. Journal of Social Service Research, 50(1), 39-53. doi:10.1080/01488376.2023.2271944

  • Kang, J. Y., Ahn, S., Shin, O., Kim, B., & Park, S. (2024). Long-Term Health Effects of Work Trajectories Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults: The Mediating Role of Work, Material, and Social Environments. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 67(1), 55-79. doi:10.1080/01634372.2023.2220386

  • Baek, J., Kim, B., Park, S., & Ryu, B. (2024). Loneliness Among Low-Income Older Immigrants Living in Subsidized Senior Housing: Does Perceived Social Cohesion Matter?. J Gerontol Soc Work, 67(1), 80-95. doi:10.1080/01634372.2023.2216741

  • Park, S., Park, S., Ryu, B., Baek, J., Amano, T., & Kim, B. (2023). Subsidized Senior Housing in the US: A Scoping Review.. J Appl Gerontol, 7334648231223028. doi:10.1177/07334648231223028

  • Park, S., Park, S., Kim, B., Baek, J., & Amano, T. (2022). COGNITIVE FUNCTION AND LONELINESS AMONG OLDER ADULTS: DYNAMICS OF SOCIAL NETWORK AND PERCEIVED SOCIAL SUPPORT. Innovation in Aging, 6(Supplement_1), 825. doi:10.1093/geroni/igac059.2965

  • Park, S., Kim, B., & Han, Y. (2018). Differential Aging in Place and Depressive Symptoms: Interplay Among Time, Income, and Senior Housing. RESEARCH ON AGING, 40(3), 207-231. doi:10.1177/0164027517697106

  • Park, S., Han, Y., Kim, B., & Dunkle, R. E. (2017). Aging in Place of Vulnerable Older Adults: Person-Environment Fit Perspective. JOURNAL OF APPLIED GERONTOLOGY, 36(11), 1327-1350. doi:10.1177/0733464815617286

  • Kim, B., Park, S., Bishop-Saucier, J., & Amorim, C. (2017). Community-Based Services and Depression from Person-Environment Fit Perspective: Focusing on Functional Impairments and Living Alone. JOURNAL OF GERONTOLOGICAL SOCIAL WORK, 60(4), 270-285. doi:10.1080/01634372.2017.1310166

  • Kim, B., Park, S., & Antonucci, T. C. (2016). Longitudinal changes in social networks, health and wellbeing among older Koreans. AGEING & SOCIETY, 36(9), 1915-1936. doi:10.1017/S0144686X15000811

  • Park, S., Kim, B., & Kim, S. (2016). Poverty and working status in changes of unmet health care need in old age. HEALTH POLICY, 120(6), 638-645. doi:10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.03.004

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